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About Varied / Hobbyist Member Linnea ( リネア)Female/United States Group :iconthefuturamatriplets: TheFuturamaTriplets
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:icontradesonhold::iconpointcommishesonhold::iconrequestsonhold::iconcollabsfriendsonly::icongiftsfriendsonly::iconnocommissions::iconnokiribans: (Sorry, but they're on hold until summer break for me)
If you would like a request (if they are open) please send me a note as that way I can remember requests!

I would prefer that you read the descriptions before commenting, please.
Don't use any of my art/photos without my permission! ):<
I don't do Mature Content pictures (often at least...) but if you think that any of my drawings/pictures should be then note/comment me please.


My newest favorites c: By some of my most favorite watchers, friends and artists!






gummykitty-ln's Profile Picture
Linnea ( リネア)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I guess you could say I'm an amateur photographer or animator, too...
...Hi! I'm Linnea, but you can call me Gummy or Kitty. Here's some more about me:
1) I love cats. Cats are amazing. Cats are the best. Cats are love. CATS ARE LIFE.
2) I'm a(n) Whovian, Mythical Beast, Captainsparklez Fan, Sherlockian, Tribute, Minecrafter, Audience, Bro, Marzipan, Yognaut/Yognaught, Demigod, and a Psych-o!
3) I am a Sagittarius, Swedish/American/Irish, and female! ♐ ♀
4) 私は文化や言語を愛しているから、私は日本語を勉強しようとしています。 Jag kan redan prata Svenska. I can also speak English if you haven't noticed.
I guess I'm kind. It depends. Usually on the Interwebz I'm nice and will thank you for every comment, :+fav:, and :+devwatch:
Please do not steal or use any of my artwork without permission. It makes you look stupid and it makes me sad.
Some stamps that represent me and the things I love: Sweden Stamp by l8Happy + Sad Art Stamp by Fox-feathersGroening Style Stamp by gummykitty-lnParks and Recreation Stamp by alex-heberlingGet Ideas at Night by fear-the-brillianceMusic is my Inspiration by fear-the-brillianceHate When My Computer Freezes by fear-the-brillianceGIMP Stamp by SparkLumMyPaint Stamp by DementedsnakeCartoon Watcher Stamp by ToonfreakI Talk to Myself Stamp by Latias-FlyerComplete Sentences stamp by barefootphotosBig Bang Theory by Chaotic-Whispersfuturama-forever stamp by futurama-foreverThe Simpsons by CavinCutiepieMarzia Stamp by cooli89PewDiePie Stamp by TwilightProwlerStamp: YOGSCAST Fan by thatcoldmaskTobuscus by EllexonStamp: Adventure Time by FlantsyFlanStamp :: I (Heart Heart) Doctor Who by homestucktroll123Commission CaptainSparklez by Azukii-chanI Suck Stamp - kisutzuitari002 by stamps-clubRhett And Link Stamp by Woods-Of-Lynn

My icon is from Chicken Wings, an aviation comic, if you were wondering. It's Chuck and Julio freaking out because of power lines. :bulletwhite: :bulletyellow:
If you are wondering about requests, point commissions, trades, collabs, gifts, commissions, or kiribans look over at the Newest Deviations area. If it says ask me on one of them, the logical thing to do is ASK ME. Thank you!
Troll me all you want, I don't care.
Favourite quote: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.” -Albert Einstein
My best friends on dA: :icontwiflutterpie: :iconcardigirl28: :icongreendayfangirl: :iconmattgreoningfangirl9: :iconnicolasmegido:
OH MY CHEESE I've been a Deviant for 2 years :D
Stolen from Breezeclaw bc I'm bored okay

Below 10 = Total Tomboy
Below 20 = Boyish
Below 30 = Not girly.
Above 30 = Girly.
Above 55 = Paris Hilton.

[ ] My fingernails/toenails are almost always painted. 
[x] During the summer pretty much the only shoes I wear are flip flops. (the only reason I wear them is because it's sO WARM OUTSIDE give me a break)
[ ] My favorite toy as a child were Barbies/Bratz (surprisingly not)
[x] My favorite color is pink or purple. (one of my favorite colors is purple)
[ ] I did Gymnastics.
[ ] I love skirts.  
[ ] Hollister is one my favorite places to shop. 
[ ] Tight jeans are the only jeans I'll wear. 
[x] I love chocolate. 


[ ] My hair is mostly always straightened.
[ ] I usually go shopping once a week.
[x] I love to hang out with friends.
[ ] I have a piece of real diamond jewelry
[ ] I've gone to a tanning salon.
[ ] I've gone to the beach to tan - not to swim.
[ ] I have at least 10 pairs of shoes.
[ ] I watch Gossip Girl. 
[ ] I change my profile picture weekly.
[ ] I wear a shower cap.


[ ] I would NEVER set foot into Hot Topic. 
[ ] My cell phone might as well become a part of me.
[ ] I wear mascara everyday.
[ ] Bathing suits are very cute.
[ ] I don't know the difference between a sheep and a goat. 
[ ] Big sunglasses are awesome.
[x] I have gotten my nails done. (once)
[ ] I own over 10 purses. 
[ ] MuchMusic is my one of my favorite channels.


[/] I love to have other people do my hair. (depends on who it is)
[ ] I like to give and receive hugs from all my friends.
[x] I hate bugs. VERY.
[ ] Carnivals are fun.
[ ] Summer is THE best season.
[x] My swimsuit has 2 pieces. 
[ ] Musicians are hot. 
[ ] You write me a poem and tell me I'm beautiful and I'm all yours. 


[x] I'm self-conscious.
[ ] My room smells like vanilla.
[x] I don't do sports. 
[x] I HATE to run.
[x] I squeal when I am surprised or angry. 
[ ] I eat dried fruit as a snack.
[ ] I love romance novels.
[ ] Drew Barrymore is so cute. 


[x] I dance randomly around the house.
[ ] I usually spend over an hour to get ready to leave my house. 
[ ] I only have like 5 billion hair products.
[ ] I love to get dressed up. 
[ ] I talk on the phone at least once a day to my friends.
[ ] I would love to have a photo shoot of myself.
[ ] My parents buy me everything I want, whenever I want it. 
[ ] I apply lip gloss 50-a million times a day.


[ ] I wish I could meet Paris Hilton. 
[ ] R&B is the best music. 
[ ] I pop my collar. 
[ ] Horses are beautiful.
[x] Kittens are adorable.


[ ] I write my own music. 
[x] I would love to visit Hawaii. (again)
[ ] I wouldn't be caught dead in all black. 
[ ] My closet is STOCK FULL of clothes.
[ ] I hate beards. (wHAT WHO WOULD EVER)
[ ] I love to read magazines.


[ ] I love to gossip. 
[ ] I had Lisa Frank folders/posters as a kid. 
[ ] I love Celine Dion.
[ ] My showers are 2 hours long. 
[ ] My wedding only needs a groom because it's already planned
[x] I refuse to eat at McDonald's. (I've had terrible experiences there/tastes terrible/bad for your health)

TOTAL: 16.5
  • Mood: Lazy
  • Listening to: Rhett & Link
  • Watching: Rhett & Link


gummykitty-ln has started a donation pool!
205 / 450
I would like a few points so I can eventually buy a 12 month PM (or a 'til Hell Freezes Over one, but that'll never happen) and give away points for you guys. I'm not begging. It would make me very happy. c:
I do icons. If you'd like one, please read the amounts below:
Animated Icon- 20 :points:
Non-Animated Icon- 10 :points:
REMEMBER to look if point commissions are available!
I DO appreciate the llamas and other badges, but please, at least donate 1 point on your behalf of being a kind person. :)

You must be logged in to donate.

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